Twitter Updates for 2009-03-29
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  • I feel stupid now. Just used up the last of the paper towels in the house blowing my nose only to walk past a new unopened box of kleenexs. #
  • Do neat python idioms like make up for the annoyance of 45 mins troubleshooting a whitespace problem? (via @ahpook) #
  • @uvince which howto/guide did you work from? I’d like to put some (fairly highend at the time I bought em) old windows/Linux machines to use #
  • Body is thanking me today for the hard work I did last night with swollen lymph nodes and a general funk feel. I feel the love all right. #
  • Bad thing about going to sleep at 6pm because your not feeling well? Your back awake by midnight, still feeling sick, but can’t sleep more. #
  • Excellent article on MacRuby: (via @importantshock) … Makes me wonder if maybe someday MacRuby could replace Applescript #
  • @kevindente yes, for free too. Their DNS management tools aren’t great, but they seem to be reliable for the couple domains I have em doing #
  • @izs that’s pretty damn slick. Time to go to a PC and fork me a copy of that. ? #
  • At the risk of sounding stupid, how does one properly pluralize a letter, as in “there are too many Js in that”. Is that right? Seems wrong. #
  • Was just reading a book & thought to myself that it is _extremely_ dry and boring. It’s a book about an IDE, should I not be disappointed? #
  • @importantshock apps hungarian or system hungarian? One makes complete sense & can help readability, the other is just dumb redudancy, IMHO. #
  • @meekthegeek sounds to me like you’ve been going out on dates w/ the wrong men (no offense to your fiancĂ©) or you have some unusual friends. #
  • @SteveWilhelm thanks! I wondered if that was the case and was to lazy to look it up. I’ve become gun shy of over usage of apostophes lately #
  • I find it insanely satisfying when people fave pix of themselves I post on Flickr, especially when they find them randomly and don’t know me #
  • Two apps I wish existed but don’t have time to make: 1) Desktop equiv of Tweetie 2) iPhone app which is to Flickr like Tweetie is to Twitter #
  • @lightsnoise I’ve not seen the list of other nominees, but based on my experience of seeing you at #sxsw, they should be nervous not you. #
  • If I don’t fall back asleep soon there’s no way I will make it to yoga at 8:30. Please cooperate body, it’s for your own good, I promise! #
  • Is there anything Facebook offers another site doesn’t do far better or is it’s only appeal that it “does it all” just in a substandard way? #
  • @meekthegeek What would be the odds I’d have two friends on Twitter named Seana and I would mix them up in an embarrassing way? My apologies #
  • @meekthegeek I still stand behind my statement though, if going out with friends is better than a date, you are dating the wrong people. #
  • Debating between going to the office now or later. Stuff I need to do both places (home/work) and trying to decide which is more important. #
  • @stiiina going crazy? Umm.. Hate to be the one to break it to you, but.. How shall I say this? Ok, direct route: your well beyond that point #
  • @seldo what I find annoying is that browsers still don’t block this worthless “feature” by default (or at all) in this day and age. #
  • @omnivector who came up with that name? Looks more like the British breakfast named “eggy in a basket” (has other various similar names) #
  • @fraserspeirs the painful part, IMHO, is the insanely large PDF. Whether your storing it in Git or not is irrelevant. #
  • Stumbled across a pretty nifty URL shortening service. Interesting concept using unicode. Example (my website): http://www.?.ws/? #

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