Twitter Updates for 2009-03-28
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  • @SteveStreza You should. I don’t use mine for much, but feel the money I contribute is a small token of gratitude for such a great service. #
  • Since my original plans for tonight changed, now stuck trying to figure out what (if anything) I am going to do tonight. Feel like coding. #
  • @lightsnoise I love how this photo came out. You’re so stunning! #
  • @awormus Thanks! If you have time, you should definitely check out my other SXSW photos (still uploading more though): #
  • Miss out on #SXSW this year? Were you there and just want to relive the memories? Well here’s your chance to see it all! #
  • Slightly touched up version of my earlier pride and joy photo of @lightsnoise. I cloned out a few distracting elements #
  • Was a tough call to make the picks, but I think these 33 photos were my “Best of SXSW” I took this year: #
  • I so hate you right now! Seems it sticks on an “Apparently-To” header for every person who was BCCd on an email to everyone on it! #
  • @yaypie Exactly my thoughts. Isn’t the point of BCCing to keep the recipients list private? WTF!? #
  • Apparently it’s not’s fault. Our Corp MTA adds Apparently-To: headers when you send an email with all BCC’s and no To:/CC: WTF!? #
  • Heading to Target then likely going home and going to bed. Not feeling too hot today so going to take it easy I think so I don’t get sick. #
  • Why is it convenience & quality usually never go hand in hand? Today’s example, Target photos. Its not like I’m asking for _cheap_ & quality #

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