Twitter Updates for 2009-03-25
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  • Yahoo Widgets Lend Brains to Boob Tube (via AllThingsD): #
  • @jake_brewer I would actually say quite the opposite. They haven’t done anything I would call “innovative” & neither has FB/SF really either #
  • @jake_brewer I can name a handful of smaller companies who have though & yeah I understand your premise of NPs needing to not reinvent wheel #
  • @julie_anna My quote was from a movie, but I agree an intelligent motivated gal in Austin w/ a laptop could easily change the world too. #
  • @hanta5 I’m still working on it. Email me (my twitter username on MobileMe is one, you can find others easily on web) and we can chat more. #
  • Finally have the exact numbers on my SXSW camera usage. 412 videos totaling 113.58gb (approx 7-8 hours) and 3,553 photos totaling 86.83gb. #
  • Gotta love websites where you hit pay and get a MySQL error and despite being charged (PayPal), site says payment failed. @macheist = FAIL #
  • Just stumbled across another photo online properly attributed to me by USA Today photoing @betablue was pretty kickass! #
  • @keville LOL! So true. What did I expect, right? :P Anyway, order apparently still processed with @macheist despite the DB/website errors. #
  • So glad I decided to sleep last night instead of working on photos. Apparently I really needed a good night sleep. #
  • OH #1: “You mean a GILF?” … OH #2: “I’ve seen the t-shirt. No seriously.” #
  • BOOOO! My favorite travel price finding site is going away. What’s the world coming to? #

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