Twitter Updates for 2009-03-23
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  • Oh Hai Denver! It’s me with a moderately long layover again. Let’s try and not have delays this time and I’ll promise to play nice, ok? #
  • Why is it only musicians typically who think its socially acceptable to fly without having bathed in a week? Guy on flight next 2 me so foul #
  • Check out my Google juice today! First page of Google for many variations of these search terms: Perez Hilton, SXSW, Kanye West #
  • Wish I had a second iPhone 3G. I really want to get on 3.0, but not sure I want my primary phone to not be stable / work with existing apps. #
  • Super ecstatic about an email I just received. A friend let me know she’s in the country this week & wants to meet up. This week will rock!! #
  • @jackholt I’m debating between upgrading my spare 2G or buying an iPod touch. Touch seems slightly better as the 2G can’t do MMS supposedly. #
  • Only regret / disappointment from #sxsw this year? Missing DEVO perform. Something about that show just sounded really “fun”. #
  • @jackholt TY, but I’ve got a couple friends who work for Apple. Much larger discount that way (why I’m even considering buying it). #
  • Door closed. Heading to San Jose. #
  • I wish I could say it’s good to be home, but my heart has slight reservations, so I’ll say it’s going to be good to sleep in my bed tonight! #
  • @jackholt I’ve heard from a coworker that he was able to downgrade, but must have an iTunes 8.0 install so u could put ur phone in DFU mode #
  • Not much worse than coming home to messy apartment. Can’t believe I didn’t do dishes before I left. Guess I should get busy and stop tweetin #
  • Wondering why a “friend” leaves shitty comments on Flickr and then deletes them. If you’re going to say it, leave it, otherwise don’t say it #
  • @simX Wouldn’t it be immensely better to do that as a SIMBL plugin rather than manually patching the binary like that? Seems horrid, IMHO. #
  • @rickymontalvo My car is overflowing with swag now and yet I am still cramming in more. Today should be quite fun and interesting. :) #
  • Ok peeps. If you see my car loaded with boxes today don’t worry. I’m just doing a shoot today which needs lots of swag, not leaving! #

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