Twitter Updates for 2009-03-22
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  • Rumor going around that Metallica is the special guest at Pangea tonight. I’m highly suspect, but just in case, anyone heard anything? #sxsw #
  • Just crashed Perez Hilton’s party. Same place as Playboy party earlier this week. #sxsw [?] #
  • @poplifegirl I’ll try. Not seen him yet. #
  • Alize and vodka snow cones are not an effective way to drink, switching to Perez’s punch. Much easier and less mess. #
  • Apparently I left my Lightsphere on the other side of town (aka the car). Epic FAIL for me. Hopefully I’ll pull out people shots ok #sxsw #
  • Back in the press area waiting for the next photo op. #
  • Lousy quality photo but just got my photo taken with Perez Hilton #
  • Just shot photos of Kanye’s arrival. Trying to work my way into a one on one shoot with him somehow. #
  • Kanye is about to take the stage at Perez’s party. Playlist is set. [?] #
  • WTF is up with Twitpic! Utter FAIL!! #
  • Got 1080p HD video of Kanye West performing on stage from a distance of less than two feet. Yeah, that’s how I roll. #
  • Time to do a mad dash photo / video edit. Gotta get stuff online as fast as possible. Insanely sore and exhausted, but that’s life I guess! #
  • @rckenned That’s why you get whitelisted. They are generally very fast about approving them. #
  • Just had an amazing night with @julie_anna. This week has been insanely fun, oddly educational in unexpected ways, and very inspiring. #sxsw #
  • Photos from Kanye West performing on stage at Perez Hilton’s SXSW party — (videos and more photos coming soon) #
  • Uploaded an intimate closeup video of Kanye West @ Perez Hilton’s SXSW party tonight: (photos @ #
  • Uploaded an intimate closeup video of Kanye West @ Perez Hilton’s SXSW party tonight: (photos @ #
  • Here’s the same Kanye West video on Vimeo: Their compression settings faired better on the low light video. #
  • @jamiei I had press credentials that allowed me near all access (and I still went even where it didn’t allow, too) #
  • The morning after Perez’s #sxsw party. No, im not double fisting, that is @julie_anna’s Bellini on the right. #
  • Breakfast to die for (or maybe it will just kill you from sugar overdose, same diff right? @julie_anna’s breakfast #
  • “I may be in Texas, but Iz a high class dog.” #
  • 1h40m to departure and almost to airport. Checked in online, but still nervous for crowds. #
  • I know its not been that long ago, but I can’t remember the last time I was forced to fly coach. Damn music execs blocked me from upgrading #
  • Anybody in SJC willing to give me a ride home? It’s a long shot I know as I land at 11:30pm, but worth a shot to ask before calling peeps. #
  • @stiiina oh noes! How come? #
  • On board flight to Denver. Hoping for a smooth uneventful flight sleeping. #
  • @stiiina I hope you got a free ticket (or more) out of that. I guess there are far worse places to be stuck, but still doesn’t make it ok. #
  • Wheels up! Been awesome Austin!! #sxsw #

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