Twitter Updates for 2009-03-21
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  • There was pretty stiff competition, but I think this photo is the winner for my favorite photo I took on Sunday: #sxsw #
  • Just chewed through another 13gb at Lights’ performance at Buffalo Billiards. Thankfully was able to download cards so I’m fully fresh again #
  • @stiiina I’m headed to Maggie Mae’s at 9pm. Apparently a good show there (forgot name of artist sadly). #
  • Starting to get slightly drunk and I’m bored. Time to find something to entertain myself without getting arrested or hurt. #
  • @jhstrauss where you hiding tonight? Up for some good old fashioned mischief (or know where an actual good band is playing)? #
  • Migrated east to Emos. Got right in tonight without harassment for not having the right camera credentials for a change. #sxsw #
  • @jhstrauss super lame! I am going to petition to have your Kon badge of honor revoked! #
  • @iancr since @jhstrauss is punking out, where are you hanging out currently? Got a good band playing where you’re at? #
  • Emos seems to be in between sets (maybe why I got in so easy). Anybody know where there’s good music going currently? #SXSW #
  • Not digging Emos so headed to Radio Room before walking to PureVolume. Come find me for kewl shwag! # SXSW #
  • At the tent behind Radio Room rocking out! #
  • @k where are they? I can’t get Internet right now and so wanna see DEVO! #
  • If I stay here much longer I will be completely and permanently deaf I think. These guys are good but so insanely loud. #
  • Headed to one of the best clubs in Austin, PureVolume! I swear I’m not biased. #
  • Just loaned Lights some double A batteries from my flash spares. I think it was a small price to pay for her awesome music #
  • Lights’ performance, not surprisingly, was nothing short of amazing. The lighting was also superb and I got spectacular video/photos! #
  • Not sure which drink it was last night that caused it, but I’ve got a such a killer hangover today. Needless to say I’m laying in bed longer #
  • One of the bands I saw at Radio Room last night is really on my shit list now. I’ve got _severe_ tinnitus thanks to them. #sxsw #
  • Trying to decide what to do / see today. Any suggestions? #sxsw #
  • Having a late brunch with @julie_anna at Austin Java. Mimosas as hangover cure FTW! #sxsw #
  • In the park camped out listening to good music snapping photos of random peeps. Perfect temp too! How are you spending your Saturday? #sxsw #
  • Really need a ND filter today. I wanna shoot near wide open for depth of field reasons, but even at ISO 50 & 1/8000th I’m blowing highlights #
  • Showing Yahoo! pride today. Everything i’m wearing except for jeans is branded yet someone asked me where I work #
  • Pro Tip: Probably not wise to lay on the ground with your feet propped up if your not going to wear underwear under your dress. #

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