Twitter Updates for 2009-03-20
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  • Apparently TX has another trait in it’s favor, not many other places my family name can get me out of a significant speeding ticket. #
  • Now downtown again. Let’s get this party started. Errr… Something like that.. Right? #
  • Three times tonight someone has literally screamed my name and ran up to chat. All harassed me about not posting my photos / videos yet. :| #
  • Can’t seem to get away from people saying my name tonight. I’ve died and gone to @tychay’s heaven. Now if I could leverage this to help me. #
  • Just got VIP wristbands to Playboy party @ SXSW. In route now to the most exclusive party of the week. Totally ready to rock out! #
  • Anybody who wants to tag along to Playboy party ping me asap. Once I go in can’t guarantee entrance. Only one hour left so act fast! #sxsw #
  • Leary about leaving my car behind, but jumping into a super stretch limo to what’s promised to be a killer after party. #
  • A night to remember! #
  • @rckenned I failed! Someone asked who I worked for and as soon as they found out I wasn’t in the “industry” I was taken back to my car. :( ( #
  • Some might consider it otherwise, but I consider tonight a complete and total success. I pulled off what some thought to be the impossible! #
  • Time for bed as tomorrow night is promised to be even crazier than tonight. Gotta get up at a decent hour to go pick up several VIP badges. #
  • Why does it not surprise me that a key contributing factor to the economic issues of the 21st century can be blamed in part on Bill Clinton? #
  • Awesome drinks on the patio with the amazing @julie_anna. What better way to spend a Friday afternoon in Texas!? #
  • Air rats attacking and demanding food. #
  • Amazing photo from Sunday night of @mager at the Tumblr party #
  • Got one night’s photos uploading now. Sadly all the way back from Sunday @ Facebook friends.get(). Many many more to come. #
  • Photos of Lights @ Facebook friends.get() party at Pangea on Sunday 3/15 #sxsw #sxsw2009 #sxswi #facebook #lights #

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