Twitter Updates for 2009-03-19
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  • Finishing dinner with music industry execs. About to head to first shows of the night. #
  • Humongous line outside at the first venue of the night (>1,000 people) and I just walked straight to the front w/ @julie_anna and went in #
  • Not only that, but we are front row center for M Ward. #
  • @julie_anna sure has awesome taste in music. Definitely following like a puppy as she definitely knows the right venues/bands to see. #
  • I love the color purple and all, but seriously, WTF!? #
  • I think I’ve thought of the perfect iPhone app for SXSW 2010. I’ve got a year to make it, so no excuse #
  • Just broke the 96gb mark of video (mostly) and photos at SXSW this week. Down to 32gb left so really must offload cards to something. Bahh! #
  • Just got some great photos of deer from @julie_anna’s balcony. So dark I couldn’t see to focus, but 6400 ISO and >1s exposure they came out! #
  • @stiiina you’re in town still? Thought you were leaving!? #
  • @stiiina that sucks she had to leave, but maybe our paths will cross again this week. I’m here till Sunday too so LMK if you want to meet up #
  • @geefunk3 have you seen any of the raw footage videos yet from the backstroke race? #
  • Looking back at one of the deer I took a photo of last night, I swear it looks like it’s trying to lick it’s own backside. Seriously! #
  • Why is there such an inconsistency among OSX apps on what happens when you click the app’s dock icon when one of it’s windows is minimized? #
  • Yahoo! Messenger: Chat window minimized, I click on the dock icon and the buddy list appears, but single chat window stays minimized. #
  • Perforce P4V client: Click on dock icon when the window is minimized and nothing happens. Must click on minimized window to do anything. #
  • Cisco VPN client: Click on dock icon and the window which was minimized appears. Shouldn’t this be what _all_ OS X apps do or am I nuts? #
  • @csilv The question was rather on why such a consistency issue between OS X apps, not that YIM did things “wrong” (as you’re tweet is right) #
  • Lack of any tweets and the fact she’s still working makes me think @julie_anna had a similar day to mine. Aka, opposite of the awesome kind. #

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