Twitter Updates for 2009-03-18
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  • Either someone has been syphoning gas from my tank or this Mitsubishi Eclipse gets five miles to the gallon. #
  • At RockYou’s party at Speakeasy. Beer and wells free doesn’t make a real open bar, but at least got in VIP before the place is overly packed #
  • Badass! Speakeasy knows how to keep the place video friendly. Ambient is around 1/4s @ 1250 ISO. #
  • Also finally got to meet the famous (notorious?) @jhstrauss in person finally. #
  • @jhstrauss this place is after my heart. Their VIP area upstairs has Captain Crunch. #
  • @jhstrauss unlike last night I’m insanely happy with how my photos and especially videos are turning out. Camera is earning it’s worth today #
  • @jhstrauss that said, while photos/videos looked like ass last night, the camera did draw two attractive women to come have extended chats. #
  • @k if you decide to come to RockYou’s party (at Speakeasy) instead I can get you VIP wrist bands. #
  • @dustinwhittle sorry missed your reply (damn AT&T). I can right now if you want to get into purevolume. #
  • Amazing how big a crowd I can build in such a short amount of time. I really need to move into a more “social” type position. #
  • Fixing to video the 4th annual Hilton lobby backstroke. Let’s hope the cops don’t show up again!! #
  • This event was so epic! We narrowly missed getting captured. The video is going to be so awesome. Now the gang is at IHOP doing a recap. #
  • @stiiina you totally won best form in the competition though! #
  • @heathercapri I’m offended I’m not in you photo! You intentionally left me out didn’t you! #
  • Talk about freaky! Just felt something on my leg & wiped it off, looked on the floor and it was a big ass spider. WTF!? Barely kept quiet! #
  • Had a pleasant and thankfully uneventful trip back to @julie_anna’s apartment. Think I came in quiet enough not to wake her (hopefully!!) #
  • @jhstrauss I know what you mean! We should hand out more this week. Your good karma kicked off a most excellent evening for me tonight! #
  • Just realizing that tonight pushed me over the 50gb mark for photos and videos this week. Dreading the endless editing ahead of me. #sxsw #
  • Good news: unlike my partners in crime last night (@heathercapri, @stiiina & others) I don’t have a flight to catch today. Bad: can’t sleep #
  • @stroughtonsmith I disagree. Server scaling is something I know well and I think it’s very doable, but not cheap (but easily off-settable) #
  • What does it say about me, that after seeing this, the first thing I thought to myself was “OMG I gotta tweet this” #
  • @yaypie Something I found interesting. In the training you mentioned they have an unauthorized use of an image. Is that ethical? :$ #
  • Uploading raw footage to Vimeo from the 2009 4th Annual Hilton Backstroke Competition on the closing night of SXSWi. #sxsw #
  • @julie_anna Looking at your schedule, I was right, it will be a difficult challenge to even attempt to keep up with you the next few days. #
  • @merimorris Just noticed you narrowly missed your goal and only made it to 94 followers before end of SXSWi. I should have tried harder. :| #
  • Nothing makes me crave FIOS/U-verse more than when I am uploading digital video. So incredibly slow it’s a definite patience teaching xprnc! #
  • Raw footage of post race interviews from the 2009 4th Annual Hilton Lobby Olympic Backstroke Race at SXSWi #sxsw #

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