Twitter Updates for 2009-03-17
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  • Annoys the piss out of me when somebody gives me their business card and I utterly fail to put it in my phone and then need their number. :| #
  • I’ve not seen a DJ this week spinning “real” vinyl yet. Apparently Serato has completely converted everyone to timecoded digital mixing. #
  • Despite several good high points, tonight just didn’t “feel right” and decided to call it a night and go back to the house and edit photos. #
  • What’s the good in intuition if you ignore it? It’s saved my life (in a very literal sense) & ignoring it has landed me in a heap of trouble #
  • Just realized I’ve given out 100s of moo cards which I normally use only for work events as they have my corp email addy on them. CRAP! :( #
  • Really wanted to post more photos tonight, but my eyes are glazing over and my head hurts. Will work on posting a bunch tomorrow. #
  • Here’s a little stupid bash snippet for all the iPhone 3.0 hackers out there: #
  • Surprised no one is realizing the reason for the lack of tiles on R/T turn-by-turn maps is because Google themselves isn’t licensed for them #
  • @mtabini No need for an apology. Nice improvement. :P #
  • @mtabini Or we now need to make one which checks for being able to login. :P #
  • Apple’s webservers can only handle one person at a time and my number just got called. Can you all please quick blocking the doorway? #
  • Good thing Yahoo! doesn’t scale their servers like Apple does or we would be out of business in a day. You’d think they would buy a few more #
  • Get through all the iPhone steps and now “Your session has ended”. Coincidentally at the end of a SXSW session too. Sneaky bastards. #
  • I think my time would be better spent snooping the wifi traffic for the download URL. Somebody has got to have gotten in here already. #
  • @thekarladam That’s what I am trying to find. :) #
  • Apple just sent out an alert, the site’s dead, you can all stop reloading now. They will send out an email in a few hours when it’s up again #
  • #
  • YEAH! iPhone 3.0 Firmware now downloading! 229mb streaming to me at slow but constant speed! #
  • I’ve got the direct Akamai link to the SDK. Selling to the highest bidder now! #
  • Looks like the URL checks referrer or cookies. Damn! Here is is anyway just in case: #
  • 8m left on the OS, but sadly 3 hours and 18 mins left on the SDK. It’s also not my connection limiting the DL speed, but rather Apple’s end #
  • The non “direct” link to the SDK 3.0 is available here: It’s the normal “front door” so should work for anyone logged in. #
  • YEAH! I haz me some 3.0 iPhone 3G love! iPhone1,2_3.0_7A238j_Restore.ipsw #
  • iPhone 3.0 beta OS DL links (requires valid login cookies): 3G: 2G: #
  • Just did some deep investigation. It seems not only checks for valid login cookies, it also checks the referrer too! #
  • For all of you asking me for a link to my downloaded copy, you know that’s against the license agreement. I apologize, but not torrenting it #
  • Tryin to get fresh cookies again so I can download the SDK easier onto my work desktop rather than uploading from laptop here to it via wifi #
  • For anyone who doesn’t know me personally, if you just keep hammering those URLs I posted earlier you will get through without addl clicks. #
  • iPod Touch 3.0 OS (requires ADC cookies): 2G: — 1G: #
  • Ok, so who doesn’t have the iPhone 3.0 OS / SDK downloading yet? #
  • Pit stop back at the apartment to freshen up before tonight and download a few more things. #
  • Noticed something in the sphere graphic which I hadn’t seen earlier. Does the new iPhone 3.0 really support VPN on demand now? Oooh! #
  • @Lozo It wouldn’t do you any good and I would be violating the license agreement, so no. You need a dev account to license the phone against #
  • Waiting to hear back from a former boss on dinner tonight. Likely end up at the (mt) SXSWi closing party later since it’s open bar all night #
  • Anyone know if I wrote server side framework code (PHP/Python likely) which connected to APNS, could I release it or would that violate NDA? #

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