Twitter Updates for 2009-03-16
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  • @ejacqui I’ll try and record whatever it is you do say since it’s obvious you guys will win. ? #
  • Utterly baffled how I can know so many people that are supposedly in the same room as me and yet I can’t see a single one of them. #
  • Ultra lame. [redacted] won a Web Award tonight and didn’t bother to show and claim it despite several people of said site being at #sxsw #
  • Headed off to Tumbler party with @Mager and his CNET peeps. #
  • Hey everybody! Help @merimorris win a bet and get her to 100 followers! #
  • VIP entrance into Facebook party via @Mager totally rocks! Place is so unpacked, but a hella long line outside. #
  • Broke 16gb of photos and videos already at the Facebook party already. Thankfully brought a boatload of flash cards with me. #sxsw #
  • Met one of the founders of my favorite camera accessory makers and he shared some bad ass news. I will be switching to RAW+JPEG soon! #
  • Pulled out a light meter to check the ambient in the room. Even at 3200 ISO F/2.8, still 1s shutter. No wonder the flash looks like it does. #
  • Fleet of fire and EMS headed to party area. Might have chosen very wisely in deciding to call it a night. Be safe all you #sxsw peeps! #
  • @mager caught a good shot of my camera in action recording a video at Facebook’s party tonight: #sxsw #facebook #
  • Few photos/videos from Facebook friends.get() party tonight @ Pangea: Much more to come very soon! #sxsw #facebook #
  • Man I’m getting harassed a lot for my comical face in the photo of Valeria and I. I really wish one of the less goofy shots had turned out. #
  • @mager Agree! Met one of the founders of the company last night at FB’s party. He was quite thrilled to hear I’ve bought about 15 of them. #
  • Just had a great chat with an old friend I’ve not seen since she left Yahoo a year ago. Hands down an awesome gal. #
  • Wow. Mega AT&T network FAIL. Typed that last message two hours ago almost and it just did send. #
  • Laughing like crazy at this SXSW talk: #
  • Interesting hand washer at lunch today. #
  • I apologize in advance @julie_anna, but only in Texas would you find something like this on someone’s coffee table #
  • I think @beautifulthangs and @jake_brewer (both next to me) are even more Twitter addicts than I am. Scary thought. #
  • I think Bruce Sterling just used up the allowed number of times to say “Web 2.0″ in a talk by a large margin in only 60 seconds of his talk. #
  • “Kindle: a plugin cassette for an Atari 2600 version of a book” … Bruce Sterling #
  • “My Twitter audience is probably better than you (the audience)” … Bruce Sterling #
  • @dustinwhittle totally agree! #
  • This made a native Austinite I know proud — “San Francisco: you got served. By *Texas*.” (via @codinghorror) #
  • “They aren’t so weak they can’t hit the enter key.” — Bruce Sterling on getting elderly involved in new social media activities. #

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