Twitter Updates for 2009-03-15
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  • OH: Girl: “how can you be gay? You slept with me last night!” guy: “that was then, today is different” #sxsw #
  • At Piryx’s party at Speakeasy. Open bars are good things, just not on an empty stomach. #
  • OH: “I just get nervous on a horse because I know how much bigger and faster it is than me.” #
  • @poplifegirl I’ll share my new life philosophy for this year with you, “don’t wish, just do”. I realize it’s easier to say than do though. #
  • While a car with 260hp isn’t anything that great, it does make it harder to drive a car with barely 150hp and respect it. #
  • @poplifegirl Music (the part I know you personally would enjoy the most probably anyway) doesn’t start until Wed. Every day life begins anew #
  • I know it probably won’t last, but man I am excited about being on the cusp of 300. If only one more person would follow me! #
  • Fixing to turn in (relatively) early tonight. What started off shitty sure has turned into a really damn good day among several old friends. #
  • @avernet I assumed that, but wanted to be sure. Had thought you would have the ability as a developer to flip them. #
  • Just realized I plugged my iPhone into a switched outlet last night so it & the extended life battery are near dead. Hovering near an outlet #
  • I’m starving, who wants to grab food? #sxsw #
  • @mager I’ve yet to see any COWs yet and my data service is abysmal. You’d think AT&T could you know, plan ahead. ? #swsx #
  • They call this drink “Nectar of the God” and it lives up to it’s name. #ironcactus #sxsw #
  • Please RT: If you see a guy walking around in a Yahoo hat w/ a camera, come up and do a Yahoo yodel for kewl stuff. I’m here all week! #sxsw #
  • Amused sight at Iron Cactus. An employee did a random yodel after seeing my hat and now flashing Yahoo bouncy balls are flying all over. #
  • Waiter told me “your mother brought you up very good”. Couple other waiters (m/f both) have said other praises. I think I like this place ? #
  • Just saw someone with a crazy looking “5D Mark II as a video camera” setup. Made me rather jealous. #SXSW #

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