Twitter Updates for 2009-03-14
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  • Waiting in line at Shabu Shabu. Need to get home and do laundry but need to eat at least one meal today first. #
  • @julie_anna you still excited for my arrival tomorrow or is @jake_brewer keeping you entertained enough you’ve forgot about me? :P #
  • Bahh! Just got a letter saying my CC company is reissuing all new cards to everyone because of a security breach as a precautionary measure. #
  • Of course that just happens to be the CC which I have like 10 different places all charge my monthly bills to so now I have to update em all #
  • @julie_anna That could be interpreted in different ways. You might not have made it past 7th st. because of all the drinks you had on 6th :P #
  • @julie_anna You definitely need to sleep in if you’re going to keep up tomorrow. I’m probably going no sleep just to give you a small chance #
  • After what happened last year ( ) trying to decide if I want to pack my new Steadycam or find a way to carry it on too. #
  • @julie_anna You could probably out run, out smart, and probably even out drink me even on my best day, so who are you kidding? :P #
  • All packed and ready to go for my early as heck departure tomorrow. Now time for a quick nap. #
  • There is no rhyme or reason to TSA security checks. Empty laptop bag, extra screening. Case full of lenses, wires, harddrives, etc, nothing! #
  • Made it through security surprisingly easy for the second time in a row this year. I could very much get used to this. #
  • @jake_brewer your panel is today? Bahh! #
  • Why does Tweetie startup briefly in light theme colors before switching to the dark colors? Bug or feature? #
  • Pilot must have had a hot date, as he got us into Denver over 30 min early and we departed a few minutes late. Of course our gate is in use! #
  • Customer service FAIL: had I went straight to gate I could have got on earlier AUS flight. Instead because of long CS line I’m stuck for 3hr #
  • Apparently I packed all my power cords in checked luggage, so I now have 2 half charged laptops and a long layover. Dim screens plz save me #
  • @WarsteinerUSA If you are going to follow me around in life’s adventures, you could offer me one of your delicious products in exchange. :P #
  • @mager The real story is, what did you do for them to give you $5? I’m sure you weren’t completely innocent. Inquiring minds want to know! #
  • Flight doesn’t board for another 40 minute and MacBook Air is already in the red zone. Why was I so foolish to not carry on a power cord? #
  • It’s sad, I spent 99cents a while back to get Emoji support on my iPhone and yet find myself using ascii faces more often than not in SMSes. #
  • Amazon just made EC2 interesting to me. With their new reserved instances you can get a small instance for $35/month. #
  • WOW! You can pick up an Amazon EC2 Medium High CPU reserved instance for ~$71 a month. That rivals most dedicated server pricing plans! #
  • @hrbrmstr Gotta love competition in the market! About time cloud computing solutions became cost effective as well as generally useful. #
  • Debating on if I should pick up a large coffee before my flight or should let myself sleep more. Two 2 hour power naps should be enough, no? #
  • Bahh! Thirty minutes past departure time and still waiting on a replacement flight attendant for the one who had a “family emergency” #
  • First flight attendant had a “death in the family”, replacement for her apparently was just in a “car accident”. Me? Twiddling my thumbs. #
  • 3rd one arrived & now on board. Skywest isn’t high on my liked list, but as long as I make it to #sxsw with my stuff intact I’ll be happy. #
  • @blurb thanks for the awesome conversation from Denver to Austin! Great meeting you and your wife! #
  • Walking to baggage claim now, Austin and #sxsw I’ve finally arrived! Better late than never, yes?! #

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