Twitter Updates for 2009-03-12
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  • I let my ego get the better of me after yoga and blew my wad trying to run a <7min mile (9mph). Made it 1/4 mile before nearly passing out. #
  • Proud of myself in that I somehow pulled through & finished the mile (albeit at a 5mph pace) despite the pain. Legs are jello, but no “pain” #
  • @julie_anna You had to get an iPhone to keep up with me, I gotta get in shape to keep up with you. :P I think you had the better deal. #
  • @julie_anna I’m planning on bringing my bike gear with me, hoping I can find a place to rent a bike so we can go riding if you’re up for it. #
  • I think I’ve decided on my next road trip after getting back from SXSW. I’m gonna head east on US-50 towards Wendover, NV. Great photo ops! #
  • Decided to treat myself to a good dinner tonight. Fixing to have Mashwi, but right now enjoying a delicious Chimay Blue in anticipation. #
  • Boy this tastes even better than it looks. #
  • @julie_anna your dad is on Twitter now too? This seals the deal, either my mom is slacking or your dad is a bigger tech geek. #
  • @jstanden Call me a beer snob, but honestly the only country’s beers I can pretty much say are universally worth drinking are Belgians. #
  • Dear Twitter, the number of whales I’ve seen this week doesn’t make me feel very hopeful about next week. Please please try your best, k? #
  • Thanks for the free first upgrades to Austin, United, I now forgive you for forcing me to fly from SJC before dawn. #
  • Decided to go light on glass for SXSW since I am paying out of pocket, so only taking a rented 28-300mm F/3.5L IS & 14mm F/2.8L + my lenses #
  • @jake_brewer Will be awesome seeing each other again this year at SXSW! You going to make it all week, or just for interactive? #

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