Twitter Updates for 2009-03-10
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  • Yeah! Yoga time. Always the high point of my Mondays. Delanie’s classes are just that awesome despite the hard workout. #
  • @cheesycons Wait till you get your new iPhone. Something tells me you will become a twittering fool then. :) Tweetie just rocks that much. #
  • I’m so hungry I feel like I could inhale a ten course meal & still have room for dessert. Sadly, my options are rather limited at this hour. #
  • @jhstrauss me neither. Deciding if I should go with the flow or actually map out a plan of attack. You going to be there all week? #
  • @julie_anna it’s hit/miss. All depends on how close the performance is to an album piece. I’ve had good luck w/ techno/dance, fair w/ others #
  • @julie_anna so when did you get an iPhone and how come you didn’t tell me!! Welcome to a whole new world. #
  • @jhstrauss I fly in on Saturday the 14th (couldn’t leave 12th, didn’t want to fly on Friday) and return to SJC the following Sunday (22nd) #
  • @strebel I know some people who would gladly take it. #
  • Doing a quick roll call. If you follow me & are going to SXSW, can you please @ reply me? Possibly organizing something, so need a headcount #

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