Twitter Updates for 2009-03-09
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  • Was wondering how much disk I/O was affecting my computer’s performance, now I know. A 50% boost in I/O speed causes an immense difference!! #
  • @jamiei Nope, I didn’t go SSD. Way to expensive for the size I need for my primary drive. Went with a 300gb WD Velociraptor. ~100mb/sec R/W #
  • @jamiei And yes, very noticeable doing normal activities. Application startup, boot time, new browser windows, etc are all much faster. #
  • Sign your workaholic tendencies might not be your fault: When your boss calls asking when you’re coming back in & you just left ~7hrs before #
  • At what point do you tell someone else that their failings are not your problem and to quit bothering you with their inability to handle it? #

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