Twitter Updates for 2009-03-06
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  • Utterly amazed at something I just read, but it makes sense. Uncompressed 1080i video at 59.97fps is 422GB/hr. That’s 120MB/sec! #
  • @slicknet I would be more than happy to take a look and offer feedback #
  • `git rebase -i HEAD~3` just really saved me some embarrassment. I royally jacked up two commits and thankfully hadn’t pushed upstream yet. #
  • Annoying when someone does you a big favor and they do it very kindly, but so quickly that you spend hours debugging & fixing what they did #
  • For the love of all that is holy! Been debugging an issue for the past hour & turns out it’s me typing ‘i’ instead of ‘I’ in a variable name #
  • I wonder what the duty rating is on this remote power switch. I’ve got to have rebooted my TV like 3,000 times tonight alone. #
  • @julie_anna Excited!? I think this will be the longest consecutive we’ve been around each other. What’s up with the VitC though? You sick? #
  • @AimeeBaker23 yeah I was really busy. That said, I don’t always tweet everyday during the day anyway. Will call gpa, thanks for the heads up #
  • Just woke up. Seeing how half my coworkers emailed saying they’re WFH, not motivated to go in since i just left 5hr ago, but going anyway #

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