Twitter Updates for 2009-03-04
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  • Seems weird and very foreign to be up at 5:30am AND have had over 8 hours of sleep. Birds are chirping up a storm & it all seems so surreal #
  • Really getting sick and tired of putting X amount of some item in my cart on Amazon only to have them say they only got X-1. #
  • @jamiei Definitely better than I was, but not quite “normal” yet. Mornings aren’t super productive for me, I’m more a late night person. #
  • Wow. Talk about bad grammar in my Amazon rant tweet. I promise I can speak English, just only after 8am. #
  • Ok Amazon. I think I have bought virtually all DB9 F/F serial cables I could find on your site. Sadly, that’s like 6 cables. Time for coffee #
  • Oh dear, just looked at Bugzilla today. If Bugzilla wasn’t bad enough already, man it just took a major nose dive for the worse. :| :| #

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