Twitter Updates for 2009-03-03
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  • Missing Yoga tonight yet again as I am not feeling well. Yoga twice per week keeps the doctor away. That’s how the saying goes, right? #
  • @cheesycons Spent the last 24hrs trying to hold food down so don’t have the energy. Congrats on the “basic html expert” … :P #
  • Afternoon News headline: “Both the Dow and the S&P have lost more than half their value since the market peaked in October 2007″ … Gulp :( #
  • Totally digging @slicknet and @pixelarchitect twitter rants on a specific topic. Wish I could get involved but they’re doing good enough. :) #
  • Thinking back over the past 15 years, this time of year (end Feb – May) has always been the most eventful in my life in both good & bad ways #
  • For instance. Ten years ago today (roughly) I was doing pushups and marching in the snow north of Chicago fairly near the Wisconsin border. #
  • @mdhughes you do realize there is a large chunk of OS X (among with most other OSs) written in C/C++, right? Show me that for Brainfuck. #
  • Just got all excited thinking I just heard thunder and then I realized it was just a plane in the distance. California rainy weather sucks!! #
  • @stroughtonsmith that sounds awesome! Wish I could beta test it. #
  • @keville while JBL’s theory can’t be completely disregarded here, I still tend to think Darwin has it more right. Very interesting research #
  • @keville also, the title is misleading. The genes don’t change, but environment effects apparently might be able to be passed to offspring #
  • I must be more careful who I tell my interests too. Long time good friend is making it hard to avoid diving head 1st into YA expensive hobby #
  • Laying in bed staring at my TV which is flipping through Flickr photos trying to decide if Im going to get up. Really not feeling well still #
  • Wondering why there is a bunch of cookies in my trash can by my desk. Are they from my Diddy Riese tins (also on my desk) and if so, why? #
  • So if one was to let’s say use a Mac strictly for non-gaming (aka never ever play games), is there a reason to get the higher end GT 130? #

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