Twitter Updates for 2009-03-02
Category: Twitter

  • I’m already not feeling well today and RedCloth you are just about to be the proverbial straw. If I wanted damn <p>’s I would put em there. #
  • Are CSS ids & class names supposed to be unique? If I have a <div id=”blog” & <ul class=”blog” & I cant target the ul w/ in Safari4 #
  • If I rename the div’s ID to “blogpage” my CSS rule which targets works, but with same naming web inspector shows it ignored it. #
  • @davglass @kentbrew I mostly agree with Dav. Parallels 4 gained a lot of ground, but Fusion is still better. #
  • Fastest way to loose weight? Bad case of food poisoning does the trick. Pizza Hut has the honor of causing me to loose 8lbs in past 24 hours #

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