Twitter Updates for 2009-03-01
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  • Been using Safari 4 for about two hours now and still not digging the top tabs. Really hoping it will grow on me or someone will make a hack #
  • The failure of stuff like MacPorts? My `sudo port install wget` has been going for _literally_ over 30 mins now building dependencies. WTF!? #
  • @adurdin I am going to try and force myself to use it a while longer, but if I fail to convince myself it’s useful I will use that. Thanks!! #
  • Pizza Hut is now over 20 minutes late on their “estimated” delivery time. Beginning to think I should have went and picked it up myself. #
  • The more hours I spend using GitHub, the more in love with it I become. Thanks to github-gem is my new found appreciation of the site. #
  • Using github-gem, I now have 52 remote branches of mojombo/Jekyll and have been cherry picking between them for the past hour or two now. #
  • Listening to a friend rant about Zend Framework reminds me of why I feel the only framework you’ll find worth a shit is one u wrote yourself #
  • I know it’s been many years since I watched this DVD (Cyperscape), but I don’t remember it being so intense. This would whack out a tripper. #
  • Switched from Minds Eye type movies to Pink Floyd – The Wall. This is seriously a twisted DVD if you pay close attention. #
  • Wondering how long it will take for Github’s indexes to update and make my new fangled Gem available? Build notification was near instant. #
  • If you said I was a bit merge happy today on Github you wouldn’t be lying. Check out this graph: #
  • Not only did I fork my first Github project today, I committed changes, merged a lot of trees, sent off a pull request, & made my first gem. #
  • @jamiei Yes, I am. I was looking at a Python one which is very similar but decided to go with a Ruby one instead as it’s a bit more flexible #

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