Twitter Updates for 2009-02-28
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  • I was going to work very late tonight but an email just annoyed me enough to loose my motivation. Going home and will re-evaluate tomorrow. #
  • Wondering why none of the good GUI Git clients show file history for a specific file. They seem to focus on commit history rather than file. #
  • Why does gem insist on “Bulk updating Gem source index” for all my sources each time I run an install, even if the last one was 30 secs ago. #
  • @yaypie I’m using the version included in OSX which apparently is old. Just learned about ‘gem update –system’ as a pkg whined about it. #
  • Glad to see gem is no different than most all other package managers. Why is package management so difficult that most implementations FAIL? #
  • @davglass Tips? Blog pointers? @jsjohnst = (ruby newb && gems newb). All this just to use some kewl stuff I found on Github. :| #
  • Found the source of some of my gem install issues. Appears I don’t have Xcode installed on my Air. Installing now. Boy am I abusive to it. #
  • What is being done when buying music via iPhone Music Store and it says “Finishing…”? Song download time ~5s, “Finishing…” time ~25-35s. #
  • Also, I bought a song via the iPhone Music Store & after it downloaded all the sudden Shazam fired up on screen. How & why did that happen? #
  • OS X joy of the day: Install updates via Software Update. Reboot, then rerun Software Update and have yet more updates which require reboot. #
  • @bbum Where’s this party!? :D #
  • @janeylicious You could probably drive up here fast enough before it was all gone. I did the trip last weekend in 4h15m. #
  • @janeylicious legally it’s about a 5h30m trip from LA to SV, so don’t let that time sway your decision to much. Just saying it’s possible. #
  • Isnt there a way to keep prefs in sync between machines using .Mac? Manual syncing sucks almost as much as 80×24 black on white #
  • Apple if you make me reboot one more time today after installing updates I will have to rename my drive from ‘Macintosh HD’ to ‘My Computer’ #
  • @thekarladam @spullara It’s checked. Most other apps sync, just not Terminal it seems. Why I asked if it took something special to sync it. #

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