Twitter Updates for 2009-02-27
Category: Twitter

  • Today has been what seems like a endless stream of meetings. I’ve still gotten a lot of coding done too, just can’t figure out when I did it #
  • Only at Yahoo! are internal company memos so “interesting” as to make worldwide news consistently and repeatedly each time one is sent. #
  • Frankly, I am at the point I’m not pissed at the leaks, more annoyed at the so called “reporters” who think every little thing is “news”. #
  • Crazy gas station sighting: Otherwise attractive & very fit woman hocked a huge wad of chewing tobacco from her mouth onto the ground. Yuck! #
  • @AimeeBaker23 you’re letting Danny influence you to much if you think Brady is the best QB “ever”. Of this century maybe, but not ever, IMHO #

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