Twitter Updates for 2009-02-26
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  • /me kicks build server and says “go faster or I will pee on you” #
  • My sister just joined Twitter. Only a matter of time now before my mother is on here too. Twitter has gone mainstream it seems. Good thing? #
  • Always amazes me sometimes what I stumble across in my music library. Today’s shocker: I have a Nikki McKibbin album. Really enjoying it! #
  • Excited about the new music I will hear at SXSW this year. Been to interactive before, but will be first time going to the music part. #
  • Really want to work more but am afraid if I start anything else I won’t end up going home tonight. Forcing myself to call it a night. #
  • @AimeeBaker23 What ever would give you the idea I wasn’t excited about you joining twitter? #
  • @julie_anna I think I might have to defer to your extensive musical expertise. Be my luck I’ll pick a harpsichord playing rapper to go & see #
  • @julie_anna Only if you accept my offer of a trip to Europe. Otherwise you must go back to putting in more hard work over insane hours ;) :P #
  • I had an epiphany just now about the news of the past 48 hours which has made me so giddy with glee I’m ready to explode. OMG I’m happy! #

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