Twitter Updates for 2009-02-25
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  • Just flew for the first time using a standard missionary position. Getting the balance & trim set perfectly seems to be a difficult art form #
  • The video isn’t good enough to post as I seem to have a good bit of pendulum rocking issues front to back still. Will keep trying to improve #
  • Just got a call from my dad about some spyware they got on their PC trying to extort money. Why can’t all civilized people say FU Microsoft? #
  • Seriously, if people would just wisen up and stick XP were it belongs (sun not shining comes to mind) geek’s lives would be less stressful. #
  • @awormus either 1) the OS should actually have security (Win7/OSX/Unixes) or 2) they (OS author) should provide spyware tools automatically #
  • @Ihnatko you mean you want the photos to be the experience instead of whitespace and other stuff consuming most of the page? Seriously!? #
  • Is it just me, or does everyone who reads an email which starts off stating how innovative a new product is generally then assume it’s not? #

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