Twitter Updates for 2009-02-23
Category: Twitter

  • @davglass major congrats dude!! #
  • Love this billboard: “Fun new thing to do in L.A.? Leave!!” #
  • The line to get into Ditty Riese is shorter than usual. #
  • Just sixteen dozen cookies from Ditty Riese. Line behind me wasn’t amused, but guy helping me loved the tip. ? #
  • Marveling over the awesomeness of wind dynamics. Utterly pouring rain like crazy ? and not one drop fell through my open sunroof ? #
  • Just got passed by a silver plateless AMG… Doubt it’s him, but can’t be that many cars fitting that description. Hmmm… #
  • Whoever it is clearly doesn’t care about geting a ticket apparently. #
  • Just made midnight cookie deliveries to a bunch of people’s desks who placed orders (and some who didn’t). Should make for nice mornings. #

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