Twitter Updates for 2009-02-21
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  • Going total impulse mode this weekend. Heading home to grab a change of clothes then headed out of Silicon Valley with a quickness. #
  • Almost left my wallet on the counter. Kinda hard to leave town without credit cards and my passport. #
  • Clothes, check. Gear, check. C card, check. All set to head out. #
  • Probably gonna do a grand tour this weekend. SV->OC->CI/SD/MX->LV->SV. On first leg now, playing it by ear on the rest. #
  • 1st time I’ve ever found a pack of cars driving faster on an open stretch of highway than I’m willing to go and I’m no stranger to 100+ land #
  • Oh hai LA. Been a while since my last visit. Sorry to say this visit is a quickie. Just stopping in Glendale then on south to Orange County. #
  • Made good time. Sunnyvale to Glendale in 4h 15m. No record by any means, but respectable none the less. ? #
  • So wish Diddy Reese was open till 1am on Friday nights. So ridiculous they close at midnight. ? #
  • Impressed with myself. Made it to a friend’s house I’ve not been to in nearly 10 yrs without using my car’s navi & only made one wrong turn #
  • OH: “more people have died in the past decade from Mc Donalds than have died because of nuclear power plants.” #
  • @thekarladam I’ve known your address for two or so and you haven’t moved, so what’s your point? #

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