Twitter Updates for 2009-02-18
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  • I’m so insanely in love with my team’s Javascript framework now. Makes writing TV widgets such a glorious dream in comparison to a while ago #
  • @thekarladam Or you could just open a ticket with IT and have it installed for you and not have to deal with Adobe’s craptastic site at all #
  • Amazon is trying to get on my good side today. Ordered something well after 5pm today and they still shipped same day via next day air. :D #
  • Its only Tuesday & have already spent 47 hours in the office & yesterday was technically a holiday. Im pathetic, but we already knew this :| #
  • @EliW actually, you are wrong. Comparing it to </li> on a browser is apples to oranges. Leaving off ?> is very much the right thing to do. #
  • @coates I’m not disagreeing with you. I’m merely stating comparing it to the closing PHP tag is apples to oranges. #
  • @coates the ONLY reason to use a ?> is to start HTML. There is no analog in HTML world to that. It’s not an issue of being “optional” #
  • @EliW the ONLY purpose of ?> is to switch out of PHP mode and go into non-parsing mode (usually for HTML). Different semantics than a </> #
  • @EliW I have to agree with @ramsey. PHP isn’t XML or SGML. There is no reason to close the tag unless you want to switch out of parsing mode #

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