Twitter Updates for 2009-02-16
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  • Useless info: Apparently almost 20% of my tweets since I joined Twitter nearly two years ago have been “perfect tweets” (aka 140 chars long) #
  • Thinking about taking a power nap. Really wish I had a blanket or something here at the office as it’s unusually cold in the building today. #
  • @padraicb I’ve noticed that myself listening to recordings of my voice. Personally I hate the recorded version & fear thats what others hear #
  • Trying to decide on my SXSW plans once and for all before diving back into code. I’m torn on what I want to see / do there this year. #
  • SXSW rlly came at a bad time this year with our launch schedule. Why must prioritization of stuff in my life always be so difficult? </rant> #
  • @yaypie No, by the way I read it they are withholding documentation until the community donates. The source is freely available in git. #
  • Been avoiding it for a while now, but finally had the proverbial straw break the camel’s back & had to tell someone where they stood with me #
  • I never realized how useful an “amend commit” feature was until I had it available to me to use. Amazing how often I forget to add something #
  • Dazadi just sent me 34 UPS shipment notifications. I didn’t look to see if they are all different tracking #’s but I sure as heck hope not. #
  • @davglass Driving up isn’t bad, Ive done it in <30m around that time of day. It’s the coming back which sucks. Worth it to grab lunch & wait #
  • It’s amusing when you listen to a song in your iTunes library and swear it’s the first time you’ve ever heard it but have had it for eons. #

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