Twitter Updates for 2009-02-14
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  • Beer flowing, drums banging, DJ tables spinning, guitars going wild. Yep, it’s a widget team jamfest in classroom 4. #
  • Canon is going to force me to take up stock in storage companies. At the rate I am going so far this year, gonna need another 4-6TB storage. #
  • At a rate of about 250gb of video/photos per month, that’s almost 4.5TB of (RAID’d) storage per year. Thankfully that’s < $1,000 these days. #
  • Doubt I will get any responses, but worth a shot. Anybody got a good source on tutorials or books on Final Cut Pro? Need to learn to use it. #
  • If I’m only able to copy data at 1GB/min, where’s the bottleneck most likely? Drobo? UDMA card reader? 300x CF card? FW800 bus? SATA drives? #
  • “Please check back later it may take up to a few days.” … Twelve days and counting is outside a “few” by pretty much all definitions, yes? #
  • A website I’ve been a free member for over a year now is finally making me to decide if I want to stay a member by forcing me to now pay. :| #
  • My motivational batteries are totally drained. I must find a recharger quickly as I have way to much work to get done today to be like this. #

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