Twitter Updates for 2009-02-11
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  • Hey Apple! If you hurry up and release a 24″ iMac w/ a display port connector I might consider buying it and a 24″ LED monitor. hint hint ;) #
  • Decided I would see how many times Twitter would let me click the more button at the bottom & lost count. Guess I will have to try again. :| #
  • I challenge anyone to an open debate on the stock market. My supposition is its fundamentally no different than gambling on sporting events. #
  • If anyone is up to the challenge and feels they can reasonably argue the negative side, I will be happy to write a real full 1AC & debate it #
  • “If I get a virus, I can ‘git revert’ it.” … via … Insanity I tell ya, but still ingenious. #
  • My body is vehemently protesting my attempt to wake up. Why the hell did I not go to bed before 6am? Might try a caffeine free day today. #
  • @SteveWilhelm Thanks for the extensive replies. I have comments back but deciding on best public delivery (likely blog post) due to length. #
  • If I was really going to make this a caffeine free day, I should not have left a full can of red bull on my nightstand last night. #
  • It’s such a different world doing consumer electronics devices compared to anything webdev related even if you are still programming in JS. #
  • Yeahs! I have a “Connections” tab inside my Twitter settings area. OAuth testing can now commence forthwith. #

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