Twitter Updates for 2009-02-10
Category: Twitter

  • When @keville and I finish the refactoring we started a week ago it’s going to be such a major let down. This coding spree is so much WIN! #
  • Just had an especially kickass Yoga session (like any class with Delanie could be anything less). The good type of pain is engulfing my body #
  • Aa lot of people complain about the lack of a physical keyboard on the iPhone. I complain about their pin head sized numeric dialing pad #
  • Take the Samsung Propel or a Blackberry for example. Who wants to mash itty bitty tiny buttons to dial a phone number? iPhone = HUGE #s #
  • Upgraded myself from a Mighty Mouse to a Logitech MX Revolution this weekend. Apple, you make AWESOME products, sadly mice aren’t among them #
  • LazyTwitter: Is there a filesystem which supports copy-on-write semantics? That way copies are fast and only fork when changed from source. #

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