Twitter Updates for 2009-02-09
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  • Put in a bit over 10 hours in the office today. Normally I wouldn’t feel good about that being my Sunday afternoon, but boy I’m happy I did. #
  • Anybody else less than impressed by the Kindle 2? Only real improvement I see is the side buttons. Everything else is so very hohum big deal #
  • @rckenned From what I hear, the page flip improvement is not noticeable. That’s something I would appreciate if it really was faster. #
  • Amazon: As much as I am a whore to your website, I think I will pass on Kindle 2.0 for now and wait for Kindle 3.0 Jonathan Ive edition. :) #
  • @seanasullivan I already own the Kindle 1.0 and enjoy it. There are just a lot of little user experience things needing improvement. #
  • Sending out @laughingsquid’s last tweet 2 coworkers over IM & got reply of “who’s Scott Beale?” There’s really people who don’t know of him? #

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