Twitter Updates for 2009-02-08
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  • Trying to be patient at the car wash. The end justifies the means I guess, but damn they are taking a long time to detail and wax my car. #
  • Have you ever won a bet only to realize by “winning” you really probably “lost”? Oh well I guess, it’s only hair, it will grow out soon. #
  • @basictheory My usual place was already closed at 3:30pm, so I went to my fall back. It’s just past Lawrence on El Camino Real. Pretty good. #
  • @jamiei It’s not done “coloring” yet. I’m just staring in the mirror in front of me and fearing the worst. It might end up turning out well. #
  • Ok.. Seeing the final results now. Will wait until it’s styled to pass final judgement. Wish eyebrows had absorbed as much color as my hair. #
  • @jamiei HAHAH! Not that type of bet. It would take a killer bet for me to go purple hair. I doubt anyone would pay what it would take. #
  • @jamiei I did this color willingly. The bet wasn’t on me doing the color, but rather something related to the color. Can’t share publicly. #
  • The color is starting to grow on me despite initial hesitation. If you didnt know me, you might not even notice. Will see what friends think #
  • @kariedwards you should consider getting a Livescribe. Totally revolutionizes note taking. #
  • @stroughtonsmith it was only ported to a couple commercial unixes and was around the pre-5.0 days if memory serves. #
  • Fixing to go into the office. Trying to decide if I want to drive or ride my electric Yahoo! bike. Not rode it that long of a distance yet. #

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