Twitter Updates for 2009-02-05
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  • Coworker fixing to walk out the door. I ask a question. He stops leaving and says “let’s implement that, that sounds like fun”. /me cackles! #
  • Coworker: “Done” … Me: “in Perforce?” … Coworker: “Now that’s just being damn greedy! You expect Perforce to work at this hour?” … #
  • I’m so happy right now I want to go up on the roof and yodel at the moon! Hell freaking yeah! This day ROCKS! #
  • Tempted to crawl into the Lovesac beanbag chair in my cube and go to sleep, but am going to force myself to get up and go home. AWESOME DAY! #
  • I’ve literally spent 100s of hours in the kitchen cooking in my life and never had anything quite like that happen before. God what a smell! #
  • Nothing damaged at all due to quick action with the baking soda, but man it smells of burnt grease and potatoes now. Definitely not pleasant #
  • My body is injecting poison into my brain thinking the pain will keep me from getting out of bed. So far it’s working well. Must counteract! #

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