Twitter Updates for 2009-02-02
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  • I always marvel times when you’re having an IM convo with someone and you both say the same thing at virtually the exact same moment. #GMTA! #
  • /me needs to find the author of git-p4 and buy them a new car or something. It seriously improves my workflow that much. #
  • Um.. So hard disks are really that sensitive to vibrations where screaming at one can make a major difference? Seriously!? #
  • Growl you have kernel panic’d my machine for the last freaking time. Be gone with your filth from all my Macs! I loathe thee! #
  • I knew when I started that process 6 hours ago via SSH I should have done it inside screen. Thanks to growl, starting over at beginning now! #
  • I think if Captain Murphy had just kept his mouth shut back in 1949, a lot of people would be saved from the pain and torture of his “law”. #
  • @jstanden I’m hunting for decent replacements now. Got any advice? I’m willing to hire you if you are up to the idea you tweeted. :P :D #
  • @thekarladam of course you would. ;) you always are overly defensive of code you wrote and somehow think it could do no wrong. :P #
  • @thekarladam The actual panic occurred in the graphics driver. The panic happened the second a growl alert began to appear, so smoking gun? #
  • @thekarladam Also, it’s happened 3-4 times in the past 6 months with exactly the same timing, so I’m blaming Growl until proven otherwise. #
  • @thekarladam “growl began to appear” == It’s partially rendered (flash of bezel), but not finished rendering when the kernel panic happened. #
  • Trying to figure out the benefit StGit (Stacked Git) provides. Am I just not thinking creatively enough or is it a solution w/o a problem? #
  • @ejacqui I’ve got five Macs (six if you include AppleTV) and two iPhones in my apartment and it’s just me. I can completely sympathize w/ u! #
  • Was making myself a yummy bedtime drink from this page of recipes: and realized I was almost out of a key ingredient. Boo! #
  • Ooops! Wrong link. Correct one here: … Was trying to make a Karma Sutra and am almost out of Cranberry & Pineapple juice #
  • HA! Was doing a google search on git-p4 trying to learn more on it and found my own website already indexed (from a tweet I did extoling it) #
  • Something just happened (which I can’t share publicly yet) which totally just made my entire weekend. Super excited but a bit nervous too. #
  • Enough git excitement for one weekend. Time for bed so I can wake up at a decent hour tomorrow. Always good to start the week w/ boss happy! #
  • Usually not a fan of Mondays but today will be a great day! I’ve now officially declared it so it must be so, right? Why is no one agreeing? #
  • Am I unrealistic in my expectations or shouldn’t the Drobo really do better than 1GB/min over Firewire 800 w/ full load of fast SATA drives? #

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