Twitter Updates for 2009-01-29
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  • The Livescribe is insanely useful and kewl. I’m totally in love with it, I just wish the Mac beta supported online sharing. Soon, please!?!? #
  • Just got my W2 so I did a quick back of the envelope calc of what I would owe. Much to my surprise, it looks like I’m getting a tiny refund! #
  • Seems my charitable donations last year (tentatively) pushed me just over the edge into the refund category, go social responsibility! #
  • @crazybob mind following me for a moment? want to DM you something please. :) #
  • Never had such a difficult time finding someone who could help me and I’ve had a similar issue needing the same group of people before. #
  • @simX Almost w/o exception I use the bang at the end where it’s appropriate (depending on usage, it’s not always brand compliant to do so) #
  • @iTod just saw what you titled a photo of my car you took a pic of on Flickr. Read this t-shirt for my opinion of it: #
  • @iTod Just picking on ya dude! :D The title seems so fake now, the old one was sorta funny in a way. #
  • @Arlo hahaha! support? you must be thinking of a different company. Google actually offer official support for accounts? hahaha! #
  • @Arlo P.S. laughing at GOOG, not u. ;) Baffles me how they can get by with 0 support channels to speak of for the normal free email accounts #
  • Learned a bit about Gmail’s architecture today. Very impressive considering storage reqs, but also reminds me to re-enable my daily backups #
  • I’ve lost 10lbs since Saturday. Go go return to dieting! Now if only I hadn’t gained those same pounds following CES, I’d be closer to goal #
  • Anybody else feel it’s a major technology failure that in _2009_ the primary form of transmission of legal documents is still a fax machine? #
  • Find it humorous the difference in how people decide what food they will try or not simply based on presentation / appearance. #
  • Here’s the food that some loved and others scoffed at simply based on appearance: #

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