Twitter Updates for 2009-01-26
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  • Just did a massive overhaul of my followers list and split a large handful of people off onto a second account. Should make Twitter better. #
  • @jamiei Nope, I kept the people who follow me and anyone else who’s interestingness is high (relative to their post count) on this account. #
  • Am I insane, or is this girl in a Microsoft commercial running Vista on a Mac Book Pro? #
  • My saturday night cleaning fest bled into today. Told myself I can’t leave until laundry is under control despite needing to go grocery shop #
  • @schwa They’ve had the API for a long time. I’ve tweeted about it on many occasions and wrote scripts for it, maybe you should follow me. ;) #
  • @schwa There is already a python script to handle Google Apps DNS records with the slicehost API if you don’t want to reinvent the wheel. #
  • @schwa Here’s the original version of the script: … I’ve got a hacked one which does all DNS, not just MX somewhere. #
  • @schwa Here’s a link to a handful more Python Slicehost DNS scripts: #
  • @schwa Agreed! Especially because their DNS management pages leave a lot to be desired (like no ability to have one domain mirror another). #
  • Anybody want a Sony 32″ TV for free? The shell is cracked in a few places, but it works good. Must haul away yourself, but can use my dolly. #
  • I love the way many news stories on YHOO throw in how much the stock has dropped in the past year as if the entire market didn’t do the same #
  • >80% of the items I bought at the grocery were under $6, all remaining but one was <$10, and one at $25 and yet total bill was $300 WTF!? #
  • Late night dinner for two. Oh so tasty and delicious: #
  • Almost had a “@keville at the apple store” moment tonight at the grocery store, but recognized it in time & capitalized on the interest. #
  • IM convo with @thekarladam which was too funny not to share: #

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