Twitter Updates for 2009-01-25
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  • I’d be willing to pay about $1k (aka about $2/disc) if some company would take my DVDs + an external HD, wrip em, and send em back to me raw #
  • Useless but semi-interesting information: Of my last 50 tweets, 52.78% of my web tweets were 140 char and 41.67% of my Tweetie ones were too #
  • @atebits I seem to remember Tweetie <1.2 having an option to DM from a tweet, not just public reply. Why was this changed? I used it a lot #
  • @janeylicious All my recruiter spam is in my areas of specialty but that doesn’t make it any less annoying. I get contacted >15/week on avg. #
  • @tweetie I would pay you to have that added as a setting to re-enable old behavior. i + scroll down + send direct message is a PITA, IMHO. #
  • @tweetie It’s the only flaw I can find in the app and something I’m very willing to make it worth your while to add back in the next version #
  • @janeylicious Sadly, because I don’t reply to their emails or answer voicemails they leave at my _WORK_, many have stooped to new low levels #
  • I’ve thrown away so much stuff I’ve nearly filled two dumpsters with crap. Hope nobody needed to throw anything away between now and Monday. #
  • EventBox might just become my desktop Twitter client. It doesn’t hold a candle to Tweetie, but seems useful enough to maybe stick with. #
  • @thomashawk I don’t work for Flickr & obviously can’t speak for them, but I can fully understand why the first two were marked as restricted #
  • @thomashawk you gotta remember, Flickr is an INTL site & while those two photos of nudity were ok in CA, they wouldn’t be in some countries #
  • @davglass I couldn’t agree more! I do think Ryan is right though, crack is likely healthier. #
  • @bitwiseplatypus exactly! ;) #
  • @bbum personally, I think London is a better example of how awesome public transit “could” be. Last time I was there I was routinely amazed. #
  • @bbum I live only 5m from work. If I took bus I’d have to ride on buses for an HOUR and transfer THREE times. I could almost walk it faster! #
  • @ElizabethN call me weird, but I’ve hated peanut butter since I was a kid. It seems fitting that something that nasty tasting makes u sick. #
  • @wezfurlong You should see salami/pepperoni/etc being made. I’ve seen been in Tyson Food’s plant and seen it first hand. Mega gross! #
  • Debating on if I should buy an ADP1. I’m extremely happy with my iPhones, but feel it would behoove me to stay up to date on all platforms. #
  • Seems the incase PowerSlider won’t charge your phone if you plug it in while it’s battery is dead. Must charge a little, then reinsert phone #
  • #myfirstjob (if memory serves me, doubt I had one earlier) Working the grill at Dairy Queen flipping burgers and frying up chicken at age 14 #
  • This is utterly mind blowing. “Can’t stop watching this”: (via @hagus) #

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