Twitter Updates for 2009-01-24
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  • Went all out on a friend’s birthday cake today. Came out insanely kewl: #
  • Apparently one of my coworkers is insanely good at Where’s Waldo (finding Jerry Yang at Obama Inauguration in this case): #
  • My PowerSlider case arrived today for my iPhone. Definitely bulky, but hopefully will never worry about a dead battery again when traveling. #
  • Me: “You realize 1 billion new cellphones were sold in 2007 so 17 million isn’t that big?” @thekarladam “you’re comparing roaches to people” #
  • Trying to motivate myself with SF RedBulls to keep working on the refactor of the application class despite it being 9pm. Failing miserably! #
  • Apparently is moving from Apache to IIS. The same team that was mad that they arrived to Windows boxes instead of Macs? WTF!? #
  • Got the movie 21 up on two TVs on either side of me and am shuffling poker chips over and over. I wonder what place is on my mind right now. #
  • Can’t seem to get a 14 check shuffle going tonight. 8 & 10 checks are piece of cake as usual, decent luck with 12, but 14 is just EPIC FAIL! #
  • Its happened a million times before, but I still always marvel when internet downloads to my desktop are capped by 100Mb/s port speed alone. #
  • Too much RedBull today. At least it made me productive, but now I must find a way to get sleep sometime soon. Ick. #
  • There was a very drunk woman in the drivethru behind me with a very thick russian accent who looked like she had a small kid in the car. :( #
  • Part of me feels like I should report it or do something (especially for the kid’s sake), but by the time cops showed up she’d be long gone. #
  • @bitwiseplatypus I couldn’t agree more. I’m tempted to find a way to run Tweetie in the simulator so I can have a desktop Twitter client. #
  • @kariedwards I’d go so far as to say best Twitter client on any platform, not just on the iPhone. It’s in a league of it’s own, IMHO. #
  • @thekarladam Trying really hard not to say I told you so, but really, I told you so. MacBook Airs are just insanely useful things to own. #
  • As boring as it sounds, I think I’m going to declare tonight as a cleaning night. Gonna attempt a top to bottom purge of crap from my apt. #

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