Twitter Updates for 2009-01-23
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  • Apparently my last tweet caused a couple followers to leave according to qwitter. Were u offended by my lack of clean clothes or something? #
  • Lazyweb (reward if possible): Is there a way in Javascript to use __defineGetter__ or similar & have it catch any prop (aka use a wildcard) #
  • @boucher I’m not developing in a web browser, so Objective-J isn’t applicable really here unless it was ported to the purpose (lots of work) #
  • @slicknet That would work perfectly if only it was available for property access. I’m using YWE (aka Spydermonkey) so Moz only func is fine #
  • @boucher That said, if you would like to port Objective-J for usage on a Y! ConnectedTV (JS engine is Spydermonkey) that would rock! :) :) #
  • @boucher It might not be browser specific, but it’s still “web page” specific. We don’t do HTML/CSS and thus all your rendering would fail. #
  • @boucher True, I forgot about the distinction between Obj-J and Cappuccino. I might have to do a spike test of that some weekend. Hmmm… :) #
  • @boucher So how would Cappucino work without a DOM/document/window? How does it render anything visually? #
  • @boucher Well, we have full XHR (without cross domain restrictions of course since not “web”) as well as other similar HTTP req methods #
  • @boucher One issue, assume so, but is there a pre-compiler? Running on <500mhz processors would dictate pre-compiling Obj-J to pure JS. #
  • @boucher Thanks for ruining my weekend plans. :P Any interest in supporting a new “graphics engine”? Reach millions of TVs in 2009 alone. ;) #
  • @boucher We should stop the Twitter IM convo and move to something with less an audience. DM me and we can setup a direct conversation. #
  • Woot! New HostEventManager is written. __defineGetter__()s, __defineSetter__()s,, Array.indexOf()s, and Array.forEach()s FTW! #
  • @slicknet No. I didn’t “need” it, it was just so if someone tried to “do the wrong thing” it would throw an error instead of silently fail. #
  • @spullara I’d win that contest I’m pretty dang sure. I’m more often than not dead on the 140 mark & have to work to squeeze it in even then #
  • Broke down an installed Tweetdeck tonight. Annoyed with the lack of a good non-Air based Twitter desktop client alternative. #
  • Not excited at all about tomorrow morning. Got three extremely time critical things to do all with disastrous consequences if I screw up. #
  • @slicknet Don’t have that luxury. If I don’t protect people from shooting themselves in the foot, I have to remove the bullet & bandage them #

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