Twitter Updates for 2009-01-22
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  • Human eye backwards through an 800mm Canon lens: #
  • @jhstrauss That sorting makes perfect sense, especially since @ev is first in my list. I’m just surprised @bonforte is so high up there #
  • Ooooohhh! I hear the rain on the window here at work. I should already have left but the sound is trying to seduce me into working longer. #
  • Apologize for tweating this again but I added a few more satellite images to the set, one especially impressive: #
  • There is no greater crime against humanity than to force a hungry man to drive past La Cumbre in San Mateo when they are closed. #
  • Gonna have to find my inflatable liferaft when I get home I think. Probably will need it to get to work in the morning if this rain keeps up #
  • @bitwiseplatypus I’m not sure anyone would live after attempting that. Even the most calm pacifist person would likely snap and go insane #
  • After passing the 85, decided to save the gas and paddle the rest of the way home since I missed yoga tonight & my car was floating so well. #
  • @stroughtonsmith After reading your tweet about Appulous, went and visited for 1st time. Saw your app, liked it, so bought it from app store #
  • @CalEvans I think almost everyone just realizes that’s an oxymoron and doesn’t bother writing the book. /me ducks. #
  • Ok, so I found semi-decent Jazz music, but is there anything else useful to do with the app? Most shows are utter and total crap! #
  • Twitterverse: What’s the ethical standpoint 4 giving someone a copy of a paid iPhone app if it was removed/banned from the AppStore by AAPL? #
  • QOTD: You’re the only one on this planet with your story. What’s the point of being here unless u share it, pass it on, & help someone else? #
  • Apparently DHL has a similar opinion of USPS as I do of DHL themself. Slow & pathetic: #
  • Today seems like a great day to sit outside on a porch in a comfortable chair next to a chimeneya w/ mug of some warm drink & read my Kindle #
  • If only I didn’t have to work, and I had a good porch, and a chimeneya, & even a decent outdoor chair, that’s just what I’d do. Yes sir re! #
  • I think some of my clothes learned how to open drawers & conspired to lead a freedom train from the dresser / closet to the laundry hamper. #

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