Twitter Updates for 2009-01-21
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  • Very nice high resolution satellite imagery of the Obama Inauguration today courtesy of GeoEye: #
  • @hagus I must really be doing something wrong then. I’ve got 10gb on my Mac Pro and Page ins: 248mb, Page outs: 1.19gb, & Swap used: 1.34gb #
  • @ramsey I always find those tests interesting. Here’s my results from the last time I took one: #
  • So what’s the name of the pogo stick like things strapped to these guy’s legs that are performing right now on ABC? #
  • nm… lazyweb was too slow, finally stumbled onto it via a web search. Apparently they are called pogo stilts and are relatively cheap too. #
  • @rckenned It depends on the grade of copper in your home, how it’s wired, and if you have 2 spare pairs. I’m happy to consult if you like. #
  • @rckenned I’ve had plenty of success doing it, but realize there are a lot of short cuts builders do which can make it not work at all. #
  • @ejacqui seriously!? You of all people should know the rules on flair! What’s the world coming to? #
  • Goal #1 of today achieved, awake at 7am. I think I made the wrong choice of goals tho. Should have made it out of bed at 7am. Must. Get. Up. #
  • Anybody know what ordering is used for which people’s icons show up on twitter’s user profile homepage for the following list? #
  • PSA: multi car radar trap on westbound 237 just past 101 exit. #

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