Twitter Updates for 2009-01-20
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  • I’m not sure I’ve ever found a PHP framework written by someone else I truly liked, but I am think Kohana might be the closest yet. #
  • @tobyjoe I’ve not written anything substantial in it yet, just saying it seems decent after reading the docs and playing a bit with it. #
  • @tobyjoe From my quick code review, their code seems decent and performance seems reasonable. Doing a thorough review sometime soon. #
  • You know you’re suffering from insomnia when you recite the Fibonacci sequence a 100 places and are still awake to Tweet about it afterwards #
  • MSNBC – 8 years of Bush in 8 minutes: .. Sickening what we’ve allowed happen for so long in this country… #
  • OH: “you know I had too much Bush when I think 8 mins more might be too much. I could wait a couple hrs and have 0 more mins of Bush” #
  • Don’t remember signing up for the Fotonauts private beta, but I’m certainly not complaining about getting an invite. Let’s see how it is. #
  • @fotonauts 1st issue: I refuse to give a 3rd party app delete access to Flickr. You dont need “delete”, so please fix the requested perms :) #
  • @fotonauts Won’t delete and “could possibly have a bug” and delete are two very different things. With that perm you could delete any photo #
  • Wow! So check out Unity3d + iPhone publishing: .. Who wants to build a game with me now? #
  • I cringe every time I hear someone compare Obama to being a modern day Kennedy. I guess people to soon forget what happened 40 years ago. #
  • Come on folks. 1) He’s president at noon with or without the oath. 2) It wasn’t him who flubbed the oath. Pay attention watching the video. #
  • Constant banging of hammers outside are doing nothing to help diminish this insane headache I have. This is worse than a bad migraine. #
  • Apparently Apple extended the EPP sale on Refurb Airs and they also now have a 1.8ghz w/ SSD for $1299 too. Get them while they last. #
  • Lazyweb: Is there any OSX native (no Air/web apps) Twitter clients which have similar functionality and general awesomeness as Tweetie does? #

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