Twitter Updates for 2009-01-19
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  • Getting a bit discouraged by the lack of precision in the Wii fit. Friday it showed me two lbs lighter than bathroom scales, today +4lbs off #
  • Just counted down a deck of cards 30x in ~25m. Was off by one more than 10 times, so not only have I become slow, but inaccurate too. Bahh! #
  • I wonder if I still have the flash cards I used to memorize basic strategy years ago. I’ve not seen them since moving to Cali, so dunno. Hmm #
  • This is definitely not the correct way to start off a restful week working normal hours. Forcing myself to bed before the sun comes up. #
  • Realizing how small a world it is based on the # of friends who’ve told me they (or family member of theirs) are good friends w/ Carol Bartz #
  • Opened my mouth on a mailing list last week so headed into the office to prove I’m not crazy for a handful of photogs. Should be interesting #
  • @jake_brewer I’m surprised they aren’t doing worse. I can imagine much more appropriate things to do, but that said shoes seem kinda fitting #
  • @jsnell that’s one of my favorite movies! Where can I find one of these t-shirts? #

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