Twitter Updates for 2009-01-17
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  • wow. went nearly all day without tweeting. I must be feeling sick or something and not realize it. #
  • Scraped the hell out of my hand and now have my right hand wrapped in bandages. Joyously fun times. I think that’s a hint I should head home #
  • @Ihnatko agree. Tweetie is definitely not the prettiest by any means, but it’s performance, ease of use, and functionality reign supreme. #
  • @kariedwards very awesome movie! Wanna play some tic-tac-toe? CPE1704TKS FTW! #
  • Just updated to Tweetie 1.2 and it looks a lot better. Same great functionality, new cleaner appearance. Me likie! #
  • @jhstrauss Tweetsville was best in class for a while before Tweetie, but Tweetie is just so much faster. Besides, @fieryrobot sold it’s soul #
  • @thekarladam there are some. Just because it’s GPL, doesn’t mean it’s free. You can legally charge for GPL, as long as you meet other reqs. #
  • @basictheory I was reaching my hand into a really tight space. Didnt fit so forced it. Pulled my hand out and was covered in scrapes & blood #
  • @basictheory didnt hurt at the time, wish I could say the same now. Hand is really stiff and sore, so been laying in bed w/ Kindle lazy like #
  • Breaking News: Jobs decided on suspended animation as a last result if all else fails. Scientists expect him back no latter than OS XXXIII #

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