Twitter Updates for 2009-01-15
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  • Time to head home. Happenings of the past 10 days have given me a renewed enthusiasm for the future (not that I wasn’t enthusiastic already) #
  • High in hometown today? -10 degrees! High on east coast? -5! High in Korea? 0. Yeah, I think Bay Area is very acceptable. :) 22deg C FTW! #
  • Just saw my license plate being used in a poster on the wall in building D. Surprised nobody told me about it / asked me if I minded it. #
  • @bitwiseplatypus It doesn’t matter, I’m honestly happy with it. Just surprised nobody told me. #
  • I’ve got the fastest USB memory key money can buy and yet it still takes significantly longer to write to it than to download from the web. #
  • You know you are becoming an old timer when you start running out of room on the back of your badge for VTA stickers. Up to five on it now. #

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