Twitter Updates for 2009-01-13
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  • Just left the airport and headed to the office. Resting is for those too weak to step up to the challenges life presents you. #
  • Eee gads and little chickens! 73gb of photos and 35gb of video to import. Glad I got clothes with me, I might be here all night. #
  • Yeah! “Mystery” person revealed themself. I now know who to thank profusely. Very funny the places you can run into old friends. :) #
  • @omnivector I’ve had mine setup that way for over a year. When I mentioned it to you, you scoffed at it saying “APX FAIL for me” or similar. #
  • The washing machine / dryer and I are no longer on speaking terms. Guess it’s time to find a reasonably priced place to outsource the job to #
  • @omnivector so the APXs aren’t doing DHCP then, just acting as vanilla access points? #
  • @soldierant The problem is there isn’t a non-gender specific singular reflexive pronoun in “proper” English. “themselves” feels wrong to me #
  • After being spoiled on @keville’s on-screen keyboard for Y! CTV, it’s so difficult to endure AppleTV’s one. @keville’s IS SO MUCH FASTER! #
  • I’ve so gotta write a widget to connect to iTunes and allow me to play music/videos from Yahoo! ConnectedTV instead of my AppleTV. ATV FAIL! #
  • I think the color suits me despite not being a fan of that color usually… #
  • Wondering how much CPU power I need to make Adobe’s DNG converter not be so painfully slow. Apparently quad core Xeon 2.6ghz isn’t enough. #
  • I wish the helicopter which is circling outside would like, you know, buzz off. Very very distracting noise. #
  • Man the weather is so awesome. Sitting outside eating lunch and basking in the sun. #

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