Twitter Updates for 2009-01-12
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  • Booth teardown and packing. Joyous! #
  • Some of us take hard work seriously… :P #
  • On an incredible high from working with an awesome team and launching a kickass product, but also completely exhausted too. #
  • OH: “oh look, I’ve got gold [on the shot glass]. I’m going to poop gold tomorrow” #
  • Sunk into a mega food comma and thinking about calling it a night despite Jessica wanting to go out. Delicious sushi and Japanese BBQ FTW! #
  • Thinking about watching a movie. Tossing between Role Models, Nights in Rodanthe, Righteous Kill, and Eagle Eye. Which should I choose? #
  • Just watched the EWB2007 video again. Man I look so much different it’s amazing. Such awesome memories, wish I could relive it again in ‘09 #
  • @spullara unreliable? seriously? I’ve never had a single issue with and personally feel it’s probably the best one out there right now #
  • Mostly all packed now ready to leave Vegas. Gonna go hit the strip one last time for photos with a coworker before checking out of the hotel #
  • Almost pulled a @keville and left something behind, but thankfully thought of it as I walked out the door. #
  • My entire two week trip to Korea all inclusive (well all but flight) was cheaper than just my hotel bill for a week in Vegas. Seriously!? #
  • RT: “Either that chick was anorexic or the coat rack just got up & walked out of the room.” (via @kariedwards) hahaha! #
  • VIP into club on busy night w/ porn stars, $0. Open tab at club for most of night, $0. Amazement of coworkers for scoring that, PRICELESS! #

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