Twitter Updates for 2009-01-11
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  • Scoping out dinner plans for tonight. Already have the rest of the night booked, just have to figure out dinner (yeah, I’m late on the draw) #
  • @mgmgrand Very annoyed at hotel internet. Port 80 is the only working port for about 15m after connecting device. Not even 443 is open WTF!? #
  • Part of me is really jealous of the majority of my teammates who got to go home today. Vegas is great, but it’s been a long hard week. #
  • Ironing tonight’s attire. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate ironing? It’s a hot dinner date with 2 women, so guess it’s worth it, right? #
  • Drama drama drama. Thankfully that’s handled and I’m back in a place I’ve got people looking out for me and my friends. #
  • At a party with mostly locals, mostly women, free alcohol, and my own security detail. Much better than previous situation on all counts. #
  • No better way to defuse a situation where you mistakenly ask the wrong woman to dance than have 300lb large dudes who’ve got your back ready #
  • Ok. This bothers me. I’ve talked to everyone who might know and everyone claims they have know clue who the guys were who had my back. Weird #
  • Apparently I’ve got a secret guardian who’s got my back. Can the anonymous person please step forward and earn my gratitude. #
  • Too many mysteries surrounding last night, but I’m not going to let that get in the way of an otherwise awesomely fun time. #
  • @SaraMG The kind of mystery where you have people looking out for your well being and have no idea who they are. Happened twice last night. #
  • @thekarladam Probably because doing anything in the past is difficult. Time travel just hasn’t been perfected yet, give scientists some time #

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